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2019 Annual Results
Annual Results 2019 overview
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We are the custodians of our precious resources

We provide a raw material that is essential for economic development and modern life. As a responsible miner we are the custodians of this precious resource. It is vital that we work together with our stakeholders to unlock the long-term value that this resource represents to our shareholders and for the communities where we operate. We understand that attractive returns are sustainable only if we also deliver value to society.

We recognise that our people are at the heart of our business and they make it possible for us to supply our products to our customers all around the world.

Our vision

To be a successful and sustainable African supplier of quality iron ore to global and local markets while delivering superior value to our stakeholders.

Our ambition

Our ambition is clear. We aspire to:

  • Achieve zero fatalities
  • Sustainably extend the life of our Northern Cape operations post 2040
  • Unlock an additional $10 per tonne margin by 2023
  • Become the Employer of Choice in South Africa

Our value proposition

The quality of our assets positions us well to serve our diverse customer base. Together with our strong capabilities and financial discipline, we plan to continue unlocking further potential and delivering sustainable returns.

We are a resilient business, and despite the challenges in our operating environment and volatile markets, our strategy of value over volume is clearly working.

Our strategy

Kumba’s strategic focus is to position ourselves for long-term sustainability, while ensuring our immediate viability over the short term given the challenging price environment. Our strategy focuses on actions aimed at making the Company more competitive and sustainable within the context of the low price environment that is forecast for the foreseeable future.

Performance and prospects

  • Where to play
  • How to win
  • Key enablers

Our code of conduct

Our Code of Conduct is a single point of reference for everyone associated with the Anglo American Group – as well as the departure point for a fuller understanding of our ethical policies and procedures.

It sets out ‘how’ we behave to reinforce our values, and ‘what’ we do to help protect Anglo American’s name, and to make a positive difference.

*The Code of Conduct identifies the standards of conduct that Anglo American expects of its directors, employees, contractors, consultants, suppliers, agents and other business partners in order to promote behaviour consistent with our core values. The existence of the Code of Conduct in itself should not be taken as providing any representation or any other assurance that Anglo American complies with any standard or policy specified, although the Code of Conduct is intended to help support compliance. The Code of Conduct does not create any benefit or rights in favour of, and is not enforceable by, any third party.